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Author Topic: is there a bad sellers list on here somewhere?
Duncan Motors
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yep! i have all the business stuff correct and under wraps. all legal over here! yep virgil blamed me for a scam he got caught for on the 305 350 deal! yeah one of his customers brought me funny parts to install, u remind me of him really lol, and funny he apologized about that a month ago thru a mutual friend. um gd job at changing the subject. my job i feel is done have a gd day lol. hauling bullshit and bullshit parts motor sports for the lose! i wish i had u recorded about the injector statement u said. u still dont have a excuse for that huh?

have a gd day everybody! i would of kept this in the for sale section but by the time i came back to follow up, lieing matt with hauling bullshit storys and parts motorsports felt guilt and jumped the gun, and well started to lie some more.

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Matts the man nicely said [patriot]
Lets call this a rap an let Matt an iron50 handle there biss


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Originally posted by HaulinAss Motorsports:
Nov 21st
Iron50 9:21am
Iron50 9:21am: $??? Sup bro ! Ineed the rear end and the front 96 and up suspension
Me 12:02pm: Yes I have it all
Me 12:32pm: Did you need the suspension?
Iron50 1:08pm only i need is the rear end an the complete 5 lug convention
Me 1:09pm: Did too need an 8.8 or just the brake setup for the rear?
Iron50 1:11pm: I need the complete 5 lug for a fox body
Me 1:11pm: Ok I have it all
Iron50 1:13pm: $?
Iron50: 1:24pm: $$?
Me 1:37pm: 8.8 disc brake 5 lug rearend complete is 295.00

Front brakes are $145.00

All for $395.00
Iron50 1:51pm: 98 i need the spendos
Me 1:51pm: Yes all from a 1998 mustang gt
Iron50 1:52pm: Nice =) were you located?

Nov 25th hadn't heard back so texted him
Me.3:57pm: Did you need the complete 5lug setup?
Me 7:26pm: Did you need the complete 5lug setup?
Iron50. 7:42 Can you call me?

We talked on the phone and he said he already had a rearend and just need a 5lug setup. Said I had a setup from a 1998 V6 Car but the 5lug setup is the same. Said I would include the rearend so he could have everything and its not a box of parts.
Me 7:47pm: So front and rear setup is $295.00

Ill give you the complete rearend so you have all the hardware etc...

Paypal is once paypal is sent ill get removed and ready for pickup

Iron50 : You said $290?
Me: 299.00
Me: 200 for rear
150 front

Or all for 299.00

Nov 26th hadnt heard anything back again.... So again i text him back
Me 5:07pm: Are you going to send paypal for brake setup?

Nov 27 still no payment or reply so sent a text once again
Me 5:06 Are you going to send paypal for brake setup

Nov 30th He called me but I missed the call so I text him back
Me 10:40am: I have the setup but its still in the car. You were going to paypal me so I can get it removed?
Iron50 10:48am: I have the money
Me 12:46pm: Ok so send paypal.payment like we discussed and ill get parts removed
Iron50 12:46pm: I never done a paidpal an i dont have time
Me 1:04pm: Takes less then 5 mins. But if you dont have time........
Iron50 12:46pm: What time you close?
M 12:47pm: By appointment. But need to remove parts
Iron50 1:09pm: I have the money cash , remove the suspension and im going to you shop
Me 2:33pm: When I know you are in the way I'll start removing the parts. I'm not going to remove the parts otherwise, to many people have flaked and ruined that

He called around 3:30pm saying he is on the way. I as well had a drive to get back over there.

Me 4:53pm I'm here
Me 5:00pm: xxx xxzxxx ave Gilroy, CA 95020
Iron50 5:34pm: I. Need the ride direction
Me 5:35pm: Did you get the addy?
Iron50 5:36pm: They show me Berkley
Me 5:37pm: No definitely not anywhere near Berkeley
Iron50 5:38pm: Sent me the address again

Called him with address since there was obviously something with his GPS having him headed to Berkeley

Iron50 5:45pm: 2 hours and 20 minutes to you shop
Iron50 5:50pm: What you tink?
Iron50 5:55pm ????

Called him once again. He was supposedly on the way at 3:30! Finally shoes up around 830-900pm

Dec 1st , next day, saw I had missed his call. First thought was Duncan affiliated here we go!!!!!! So I text him

Me 2:58pm Hey what's up?
Iron50 2:58pm: Hey bro the rear end is a 7.5
Iron50 3:00pm: I paid for a 8.8 no 7.5
Me 3:00pm: Yeah told you that already. You said you just needed the brakes/axles etc... I said no prob but I was removing it as a complete.rearend.

I get 300.00 on up for an 8.8 disc brake rearend
Me 3:00pm Ni you definitely didn't pay for an 8.8
Me 3:00pm *no
Me 3:02pm: 8.8 disc brake 5 lug rearend complete is 295.00

Front brakes are $145.00

All for $395.00

Sent you this on Nov 21st
Me 3:02pm: You said you were you going to put all the parts.on your existing 8.8.
Iron50 3:03pm: Ok can i take the 8.8
Me 3:04pm: So front and rear setup is $295.00

Ill give you the complete rearend so you have all the hardware etc...

Paypal is once paypal is sent ill get removed and ready for pickup

Sent Nov 26. see I said I would include the complete rearend so you would have all the hardware etc....

All I see in this texting crap is valuable time wasted! This is just a cluster fuck of misunderstanding and most of it is coming from Iron50.

Haullinass didn't make any money on this deal with all these stupid wasted texts. It just looks like he did more of a favor than anything. At this point you both should've said fuck it with this back n forth because words are clearly not being understood.

This should be done with one simple phone call.
#1 This is what I need, do you have it? (buyer needs to know what he needs).
#2 What do you know about the parts (miles,age)?
#3 How much do you want for the parts?
#4 Where are you located so they can be picked up? If buyer doesn't know where a fuckin' city is they need to get themselves a fuckin' map an learn how to use it.
#5 What time shall we meet up and stick to the time and place
#6 Make transaction to exchange money and parts
#7 We're fuckin' done here and drive home

This is not how you conduct any type of business transactions or maybe you do on CA Ford's....I don't know.

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We have a feedback thread that deals with these sorts of issues.
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