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Author Topic: 19" Wheels Taboo On The New Edge? Maybe Not..
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For a long time 19" wheels have been taboo on the New Edge/SN95 platform. In large part this was due to a lack of available wheels with proper offsets, and those that did fit were heavy. Having spent some time building Mustang specific setups at Signature Wheel I wanted to give one of my favorite platforms a try. I have long missed my Terminator, and wanted to perfect some fitments.

Owning the GT350 has shown me how to manage tire height and overall diameters to maximize wheel sizing. A 18" wheel with a 35 series tire has the same overall diameter of a 19" wheel with a 30 series tire. Tire technology has also come a long way over the years. Ride quality and performance aren't necessarily sacrificed with smaller sidewalls. As many OEM's are moving away from 18" wheels on performance cars due to larger brake packages, this also means tire manufacturers have discontinued many of the 18" tire sizes I used to love.

So I propose to you the future. The Signature Wheel SV301S built in a 19x10.5 rear setup. That flush fitment we all love, wrapped in a 305/30/19 tire. Deep rear concave and that squatty rear stance without any rubbing. Gloss black lip and face with blue hardware. I bolted these onto a buddies Mach 1 for testing and I am in love. The car is lowered on coil overs.

Always pushing boundaries, so let me now what you think.


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news to me.

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The wheels look good but to me these size wheels just look out of place with the older body styles.

I think the reason why these size wheels work well with the newer cars is because the newer cars are larger so it's more proportional. My sho came with 20" wheels and they don't look out of place, in fact they don't look like 20's but I think that is because this car is a boat! lol

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Wonder what the whole set up would look like not just the rears.
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those are a no from me

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I like those..would look good on my 98 pac green.. what do they run. Just got a Roush set was gonna fix the rash and one broke RIM and have them PC'D..

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Lol I said the same as you guys ^ Then I did 19s on my mach a year ago,19x9.5 and 19x11,fronts tires are 265/30/19 rear tires are 355/25/19 pirellis.After I installed the wheels not many other new edges catch my eye with stance/fitment anymore because the 19s are just perfect and made my cars look ridiculous.I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it years ago,now 18s look like 17s to me on a new edge and the 19s are the absolute ticket.That mach looks nasty Terrance,tires in the rear and wheel width little to narrow for me but damn that car will look legit on all 4 wheels,these wheels and other signature wheels are beautiful [Eek!]

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