W H A T ?       A Large Northern California Ford car show!
W H E N ?       Saturday August 11 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
W H O ?          Any Ford auto can enter the show. Anyone can come watch.
W H E R E ?   California State University East Bay aka Hayward State University, Parking lot E2

Click here for directions!

You can register on show day!
Here is the Car Show Entry Form

You can register on show day. FREE to come watch.
$15 to enter your car and get a free CAFords T-Shirt

$16 entry if you pay using paypal (yes you still get a t-shirt with it!)
Be sure to go to the post payment page and finish the entry form via email after you pay online.

Please email   if you wish to sponsor this event or help out in any way!

  • Click to see lots of pictures from our 2006 show!

  • Pick up FREE CALIFORNIAFORDS.COM stickers at the show!

  • A current list of car show sponsors!

  • Help out by distributing fliers! Pick your favorite one from our 2007 calendar:
    April    August    December    February
    January    July    June    March
    May    November    October    September

  • Link to our car show post in the forums.

  • This event is FREE for general public view!

    Updated 08/09/2007
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