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Posted by alwaysracin (Member # 5204) on :
So SCCA has made 2 new autox classes that Mustangs can do very well. CAM-T and CAM-C. The class is pretty much run what you brung, but it does need interior and a few other things. They have also teamed up with Speedway Motors and the first of three events will be held at Crows Landing. Check it out

I have heard Robbie Unser will be there running the Speedway Nova. They will have a test and tune Friday. If you haven't autoxed before you still have some time to get practice in before the event. It should be a good weekend!

Scott Fraser
118 CAM-S
Posted by Pro71bird (Member # 7844) on :
I heard Scott Fraser and George Dias are going to be there.
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Posted by alwaysracin (Member # 5204) on :
Word from the organizers is that there will be a sponsored dinner for all Saturday night and a welcome party Friday night. Also for the TnT on Friday there will be instructors available if you want to use them.
Posted by SLOWSN95 (Member # 8269) on :
I am signed up for the event and will be running all 3 days in CAM contemporary. I'll be in my blue 94'. Come say what's up. Won't know too many people this weekend since a bunch of my friends run ESP so I'll probably be bored while I'm waiting

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