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Posted by 86xchpstang (Member # 11800) on :
It's been about 9 years since I've been on here so I apologize in advance if I post this in the wrong area.

I sold my 86 coupe many years ago for 5k 😭😭 and looking to get into something again. I've had my eye on a couple 4cyl coupes but I don't wanna deal with hot smog, or B.A.R. so my question is....if I do a v8 swap on a 4 banner with I have to go get it state ref?
Posted by JZTRK (Member # 7641) on :
I'm in the same boat with you except I have bought and started my 4 to 8 swap from every thing I have read is you visit the ref once for him to inspect the swap being done correctly if its all good he prints a new sticker letting smog shops know its legit to smog

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