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Posted by ballisticxlr (Member # 14804) on :
Found and bought a Magnaflow CARB legal mid-pipe and a Magnaflow street catback. 3500 bucks, a few tears, a few beers and 3 days later and it's here. Popping it onto an 01 cobra.

On that topic, I found an almost completely unmolested 01 snake. The only mod it had was an aftermarket clutch cable/quadrant/FWA which seems to come out of adjustment at the drop of a hat... any hat. That adjuster eventually caused it to burn up at least the TOB and possibly the pilot bearing so I get to have a new clutch installed. I figure they're going to have to take the exhaust off anyway so installing the new one is essentially free labor.

Next up will be a FTBR IRS kit and MM CO's and control arms and such all around.

Other than that I'm replacing the factory seats. Sad to see them go with the whole snake logo on them and all but the driver side was physically broken and they looked a bit worn and dingy and weren't really very supportive. Slapped a pair of all black racing buckets from Summit in it. They sit taller than the old seats but that just means I get to have an excuse for the lean.
Posted by sic70stang (Member # 4347) on :
Man exhaust is pricy now
Posted by ballisticxlr (Member # 14804) on :
Booked in for May 6th at TPS Motorsports. I've known the owner for 20 years and was just glad that the place is still around. While in the shop it's getting the clutch & flywheel done with the relevant bearings. Since the exhaust is off they'll install the new one and I only eat 1 labor charge. While it's in it's getting a complete Full Tilt Boogie Racing IRS kit and Maximum Motorsports k-member, A-arms, CC plates and bilstein coil over set installed.

I've already replaced the shifter with a Tri-Ax and since the driver seat was broken on one side I replaced both front seats with nice racing seats from Summit.

If they can get the clutch cable/adjuster/quadrant that's in it set up properly then that'll be fixed. If not I've asked them to put in a factory cable/quadrant since I always kind of liked that system as it self-adjusts and was easy drive.

Maybe it'll be ready before I go overseas in June. Not counting on it. Supply chain issues are likely to bite really hard.
Posted by SVTGhoust (Member # 20) on :
Wow. what a crazy world we live in for an exhaust to be this much money.
Posted by 98 ROUSH (Member # 10309) on :
Sheeeeesh $3500 for exhaust is crazy
Posted by ballisticxlr (Member # 14804) on :
It sure is. Appointment got pushed until today. Hopefully I can still get it back before I go overseas. Would be really nice to drive the thing again.

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