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Posted by dre5.0 (Member # 12026) on :
I’m trying to install sn95 style e-brake cables into my 85 fox but they keep popping off when I tighten or the lift the handle. I already loosened the bracket as much as possible . What could be the problem?
Posted by NEIGHT (Member # 8741) on :
Where does it pop off from? The calipers or the handle? Are they the right length cables?
Posted by dre5.0 (Member # 12026) on :
It pops off at the handle ..I bought the complete kit so they should be the right ones, the cables say they are for a 79 to 92 foxbody. Everything else bolted right up
Posted by NEIGHT (Member # 8741) on :
Is there too much slack? Have you tried adjusting the nut by the handle?
Posted by NEIGHT (Member # 8741) on :
So I just installed my disk e brake lines too and I had to mess with the nut to adjust the lines. I tightened the nut on the handle until the cables fully lock around half way when you pull the handle. And don’t forget the e clip at the end near the caliper.

EDIT: Mines a 86 so it should be identical.

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Posted by JZTRK (Member # 7641) on :
weld/eliminate self adjuster on handle?

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