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Posted by apexpreddy (Member # 11915) on :
Ca$h $$ for help 2001 MUSTANG DIES OUT AFTER WARMS UP . Will start back up after 30minutes of sitting
Can I get some help got cash .. 4085618043
Posted by wilit (Member # 3367) on :
Are there any trouble codes triggered? How does it die? Does it sputter like it ran out of gas or does it die instantly like the key was turned off?
Posted by Fostang (Member # 3752) on :
Fuel pump?
Posted by KevinK (Member # 9234) on :
Fuel pump. Been there.
Posted by mechanicalsnake (Member # 11845) on :
When you say warm up, do you mean the temp gauge goes to normal reading or just a bit after running
Posted by Boss 327 (Member # 9143) on :
Definitely need some more info here.
Posted by JSTASBF (Member # 587) on :
Check your crank position sensor.

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