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Posted by mrcoupe (Member # 8912) on :
Hey guys so my brother in law picked up a 96gt and his auto tranny is shifting pretty hard. Like once he puts it into drive and give it gas it slips then hits 1st pretty hard then when going into second it shifts pretty hard.

Question:he got some Lucas transmission fix STOPS SLIPS.
Yall think he should use it? He put a new tranny filter and going to put new fluid in.but should he use the 24oz bottle of Lucas or just try the new filter and fluid first??
Posted by wilit (Member # 3367) on :
He should have it rebuilt. If it's slipping, those additives are only going to delay a complete failure by a few thousand miles.
Posted by mrcoupe (Member # 8912) on :
Ok thanks
Posted by Blind (Member # 3052) on :
bandaid's don't cure cancer.

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