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Posted by klonoa (Member # 1771) on :
Just checked the codes on my 95 gt, I'm getting codes 171, 172, and 189. I installed a new maf and o2 sensors a bit over a year ago, any clue what the problem is? The car does feel a bit sluggish and I only get the check engine light after the car is warm. All help is appreciated.
Posted by Kb69fastback (Member # 13054) on :
171 and 172 are O2 codes. Have you monitored any of the O2 readings? Are you running cats or no cats?

Try cleaning your Maf sensor. Sounds like it may be bad again or needs to be cleaned
Posted by klonoa (Member # 1771) on :
Running no cats right now. I'll try cleaning my maf to see if that works.

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