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Posted by Fostang (Member # 3752) on :
Don’t forget Blackhawk will no longer be holding cars and coffee. Too many d bags with the reving and racing.

It was fun for years but recently it was such a crap show.

Yet another event that gets ruined by the ever changing car culture of no respect for others.
Posted by 351w (Member # 11875) on :
They have a cars and coffee at Hilltop Mall in Richmond now, it’s been going on for at least 6 months now, the first time it was there the parking lot was packed, from my observation it seems less and less people are showing up now, I haven’t noticed any bad behavior but the simple fact that it’s in “Richmond” might keep a lot of people from going. It used to be a monthly event, for some reason they’ll be skipping August, not sure why.
Posted by BigBen (Member # 10594) on :
is the hilltop mall the same day as blackhawk used to be? first sunday of the month?

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