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For West Coast Heads Up Racers: Here is the schedule for all 3 series.

Feb 27-Mar 1 PSCA Fontana

March 14-15 WCHRA Bakersfield
March 20-22 PSCA Vegas
March 27-29 NMCA Fontana

May 1-3 PSCA Fontana
May 16-17 WCHRA Bakersfield

June 5-7 NMCA Fontana
June 27-28 WCHRA Bakersfield

Sept 12-13 WCHRA Bakersfield
Sept 18-20 NMCA Fontana
Sept 25-27 PSCA Vegas

Oct 9-11 PSCA Fontana Finals
Oct 16-18 NMCA Fontana Finals

Nov 18-22 SCSN 11 Vegas

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