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Posted by 88_Notch (Member # 12042) on :
I recently bought an 1985 coupe without a title. It wasn’t on non-op and owes a bunch. Last registered 2012. The only thing I have is the name of seller and address. Did a vin lookup and car is clean also through carfax. Is there any way for i to obtain the title? Any info is appreciated. Thanks 🙏
Posted by P1mp1n (Member # 1961) on :
You would half to contact the seller/owner and have them fill out these two papers to transfer the car with no title.
Posted by wilit (Member # 3367) on :
Did you buy the car from the registered owner and they just lost the title or did you buy it from someone that just never bothered registering it in their name? It'll make a difference on how you have to go about sorting it out.

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Posted by exchp6400 (Member # 4803) on :
I own 2 independent DMV stores. Call my Hayward office and ask for Hector. 510-342-9216
-Redline Registration Services
Posted by 88_Notch (Member # 12042) on :
The previous owner is a elderly male. He lost and or can’t find the title by this point. Cars been in my possession for about half a year now. DMV still has it in the system, as it shows fees owed when license plate/vin is looked up. I also heard of people recommending I do a Virginia title loophole
Posted by i (Member # 12534) on :
I’ll be interested to buy it if you don’t want to registered it.

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