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Posted by fredfifty (Member # 10320) on :
persia/mission in the excelsior...even this part of the neighborhood isnt backin down from the sideshow shitshows.
Posted by i (Member # 12534) on :
They’re going to be part out cars sooner or later.
Posted by Black 02 SS (Member # 5939) on :
Incredibly stupid real estate but you have to put up with these type of folk and people defecating all over the streets, shooting up in broad daylight, pooping on BART train seats, and choking their chicken on MUNI. It's a bizzare world, SF. I can't believe they're letting the city degrade to this level.
Posted by adower (Member # 5955) on :
You can thank the Democrats
Posted by NEIGHT (Member # 8741) on :

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