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Posted by Saleenssc14 (Member # 7791) on :
I have a ton of parts laying around and get tired of posting them and removing them so I though why not have a Mustang Specific swap meet? I have asked my local high school for permission to utilize their parking lot and they said yes at a small cost. Would others be open to come and sell your parts?
Posted by BTLD GT (Member # 5229) on :
Posted by SIKSEVN (Member # 3033) on :
I’d be in I have a bunch of thing to get rid off
Posted by NEIGHT (Member # 8741) on :
I'd be willing to part with a lot of my shit! Let me know if this goes down. [Whoo Whooooo!]
Posted by 93 interceptor (Member # 9457) on :
I would be down. Have many parts I need to get rid of.
Posted by Saleenssc14 (Member # 7791) on :
I met with the James Logan administration to discuss this and the cost is about $930 if we have the parking lot from 8am to 2pm.

$75 Restroom Usage
$72 hr Custodial
$50 hr Lot Usage
15% of total Admin Fee

I think if we get enough people to cover the cost it would work out. They have plenty of dates available right now.

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