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Author Topic: Happy 2019 and a look back!
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Gentleman, as we start a new year, I wanted to reflect on the highlights of my years past. I can't wait for what 2019 will bring. This website is great!

I outed and what use to be called Neo Nazi, but now it's more politically correct to call them Alt Right supporter, Joeseph Yates. Joe trolled and posted his veiled racism here for a long time and is not missed. He disappeared after evidence of banker Joe Yates abusing customer data he has access to at Chase Bank came across my way [Eek!];f=1;t=063361;p=5#000107

I dug up information on a drug addict car thief Dan Starky, now hiding as Danny Starky. Dan stole and ripped people off here for years before running to another state. Starky sneaked back into California and was revealed.;f=1;t=060769;p=15#000365;f=1;t=060769;p=15#000368

I outed a subterfuge police officer here. He didn't like me pointing out the police chief of a near by city he has worked with was caught selling drugs and other crimes so called law enforcement in his area regularly commit, most of it not caught. I have to be very careful, cops arrest people that speak the truth to them online. Twice one of the cop here tried to lure me and once he realized I knew he was a cop, he edited his post. Classic corrupt police tactic to destroy evidence once caught. Don't worry though, the internet doesn't forget and with the help of people ironically doing detective work, I can hold my own against crooked cops and detectives. Maybe police shouldn't be threatening people for exercising their freedom of speech? Was this not suppose to be a free country?

Finally, what goes hand and had with shifty cops other than racists? I can't take much credit for this, but Mike Ford always said a lot of racists things and threatened people. He threatened my life and others. As soon as Mike was outed, the brave, intrepid Michael Ford, a white pride American that regularly likes to post "Fuck Islam" and much worse online, ran to the cops trying to snitch on everyone. How the hell are you going to threaten the lives of people, and then run to the cops as soon as people out your identity? The KKK continues to have a long history in Police departments around the country. Watch this powerful video -------

I can't take credit for all of this work. It's very easy to get help when outing a proud racists, venal law enforcement and car thieves. Thank you to everyone that contributed to these operations. You know who you are. Outing bad cops, racists and scammers. I love california fords! Happy 2019 everyone!

[ 2019-01-05, 02:37 PM: Message edited by: Martinna ]

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Maybe 2019 will bring you a Mustang of your own. You seem pretty knowledgeable in that field. Perhaps you can talk more about cars!!

[Big Grin]

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Originally posted by Marks93:
You seem pretty knowledgeable

Thanks. I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you and everyone else to never talk to the police in 2019!
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I think I'm done with this site until you quit posting here. You claim to be an anti government, anti cop...Libertarian minded person. All about our rights/freedoms. Until a member has a different opinion than yours.

You called Mr. Yates a so called, "alt right", hate speech posting member. I'd like to add that he was a very well respected member of the site. Long before you ever joined CaFords. Yeah he wasn't perfect. He was very good at pushing peoples buttons.
(True Story )
A member wanted to fight him once and gave Joey his number to meet up. Mr. Yates took to craigslist and posted a fake ad for cheap ipads using that mans phone number. The guy threatening him recieved 100's of replies to the listing. It was a funny joke and everyone understood that. You don't take everything posted on general talk personal. You don't talk about beating up other members because you don't agree politicaly. How did you feel about our pro palistine/male model member saying he was going to fuck my wife? Beat me up and had more money and a better education that me? He hasn't posted in a while, but I don't think he was banned. Maybe his friend AlStock can chime in on that one.

I'd like to say I also have a few friends who are very good with computers and finding out information. How would you like to have your information DOX'd? Post up your personal information? You seem to feel it's okay when it suits your best intrest.

IMHO you're no different from the totalitarian government you constantly complain about. What makes you think you're better than the members you helped get banned ? As much as you might not like some of those members beliefs. Their " Hate Speech " thoughts & posts would still be protected under the Constitution. Maybe a grey area with the rules of this forum...

BUT next time you decide to pat yourself on the back, just remember that your antics can and will come back to bite you in the ass. I have nothing to gain in DOXing you. Other than to prove a point. That anyone can be exposed online. I know I don't have anything to hide from the Ca Fords members... Do you?

Originally posted by turbo50:
I have no intenions of keeping anyones parts or taking anyones money.

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SLOWBACK 67 ------ Did you say you've stopped posting here because other people here have a different opinion than you? The irony.

I never claimed what you purported I did. Unlike the putrid police on this site, I haven't edited past posts to hide evidence of nefarious actions. My posting history is public if you wish to find evidence to back up your false attributions to my positions.

To my knowledge, I had no part in any of the people discussed being banned. I consider you mostly a good guy with a more wit than most people here. Don't leave. Democrats and the thought police will call you triggered and a snow flake.

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